Ari’s Ontario name change guide*

Last updated 2022-05-24
*For someone born in Ontario.

Changing my name was very overwhelming with all the forms I had to fill, and all the questions I had. I hope this guide will help you with changing your name. The steps listed are from the checklist I made while working through these forms. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, my contact info is on, and I’ll happily help you through anything you might need.


This guide is heavily based on /u/blynng’s reply

Before you begin

The forms

On payment forms, use the name on card in payment forms and your preferred name everywhere else

You have to get these signed under oath at an Service Ontario office with a commissioner of oaths. Find one here. The Service Ontario location may also offer to mail the papers for you.

In a few weeks time (It took about 6 weeks for me) you’ll receive the birth certificates you requested and a name change certificate.

Important stuff to do after your name change