Hi, I'm Ari

(a.k.a adryd, Ariana)

I'm a 20 year old software developer, server administrator, and overall technology obsessed girl from Canada. Sometimes I pretend to be a witch, which makes me very happy.

NOTICE: I accidentally deleted the VM that hosts this website. I've restored most services however the blog portion of my site is broken cause i'm struggling with svelte-kit problems. If you encounter any broken links you should get in touch, I'll likely be able bring the file back, or redirect to the new location. Sorry for the inconvinience.

Projects →

  • dotfiles
    A repository containing system configurations and setup scripts used on my infra and personal computers.

  • discord-twitter-video-embeds
    A Discord bot to re-embed Twitter embeds for viewing on mobile. Was made in April of 2021 when Discord's Twitter video embeds broke.

  • battle-of-wits
    A video that renders within the time of an HTTP request that contains the visitors IP address. https://adryd.co/wits.mp4

  • parachute
    A client-side tweaks mod for Minecraft, meant to pair well with Masa's Minecraft mods. It includes features for LiveOverflow's CTF Minecraft server. Made with Julian and Cynthia

  • oneko.js
    browser port of oneko. (the cat that's following your cursor)

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