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Twitter Embeds

Twitter Embeds fixes embeds from Twitter, TikTok and Reddit on Discord with a goal of convinience, seamlessness, and feature-completeness. It parses and obeys Discord's own markdown rules, and allows users to delete their own messages

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You can use the bot by adding it to your Discord server, or sending it a direct message. It has 3 different embed modes to best fit with your server.

Additional Features

  • The bot obeys spoilers, and all of Discord's markdown rules that may prevent a link from embeding (Including quirks)
  • Users can delete their own re-composed messages or bot replies to their messages bt reacting with an "X" emoji.
  • The bot integrates with HiddenPhox and replies to HiddenPhox's quote-retweet unrolling

Special Thanks

  • Brecert: Twitter Guest Client Implementation.
  • Youtube DL: Reference for Instagram, Reddit, Tiktok and Twitter Clients.
  • general-programming: Allowing me to use proxy.knotty.dev as a fallback for oversized reddit videos.
  • Cynthia: Implementing seperate upload limits for boosted servers. Various other small features/improvements.

And since everyone always asks:

What's the icon supposed to be?

The icon is meant to a simplification of Discord's UI of a message reply.